October 29, 2018

Evening Elegance Blog Hop

When you discover a free block pattern what do you do? Do you scurry off to make a sample of the block or simply save the pattern? Do you quickly work up the design in whatever fabric may be close at hand or do you continually build samples in a specific fabric genre hoping to someday pull them together into sampler quilt? Do you wish you knew how to pull numerous block designs and sizes together into a truly interesting sampler quilt?

It is amazing how different quilters handle block patterns that are free. Personally, I tend to download and save lots of block designs until I have an inspired idea for a quilt project. This allows me to pick a coordinated color palette and roughly determine my yardage requirements prior to launching into a new project. Because I, like you, certainly don’t want to run out of my favorite fabric before I reach the finish line!

The Studio 180 Design version of free block downloads

Our BlockBuster series falls into that “free block" category. The program was created to encourage quilters to explore the Studio 180 Design line of tools as they create unique, individual block patterns. With each free block release, we try to inspire participants to stretch out of their comfort zones and try something new. Maybe it’s a new tool, a new process, a new color group or simply a new arrangement of familiar shapes. But until now, we have yet to go beyond exploring individual blocks.

During the week of November 5th, four of my Certified Instructors and I are hoping to motivate you along an exciting new path. Collectively, we’ll be working with nine different BlockBuster designs and showing you how we managed to pull them together into one terrific, brand new quilt project. We will be exploring the importance of value and color placement in each block, how construction techniques are simplified with the Studio 180 Design tools and how pressing can improve your end results. We’ll share our thoughts on the blocks themselves and then show you how we pulled nine very unique blocks into one fantastic sampler quilt.

Evening Elegance: the perfect pairing with my Twilight Chic line of fabric!

We hope you’ll join us each day of our week long Evening Elegance Blog Hop journey. Our talented group of presenters are anxious to make your acquaintance. I’m certain you’ll enjoy their spin on the individual BlockBuster blocks chosen for this particular project as well as their take on all things quilt related. Be sure to subscribe to their blogs for easy access to past posts as well as future insights and consider subscribing early so you don’t miss a moment of the fun.

Below is our schedule and the links to our guest bloggers. We look forward to seeing you on November 5th for the first day of the Evening Elegance Blog Hop.



As always, thanks for reading, and I hope you enjoy the Blog Hop!
Deb Tucker & the Studio 180 Design Team