May 02, 2022

Blockbuster Season 6: The Complete Collection

Are you looking for a BlockBuster from 2021? Then you are in luck, we have pulled together all the blocks from last year in one place to make it easier for you to find the block that you are looking for. 

Blockbuster # 55: Spring Blossom

We started the sixth series of Blockbusters off with a block that was a little challenging but fun to put together. Using Lemoyne quarters always adds something interesting to the design.

Download Blockbuster #55: Spring Blossom 

Required Companion Products: Rapid Fire® Lemoyne Star, Tucker Trimmer® I, and Wing Clipper® II

Blockbuster #56: Breezy Seas

It is always fun to be able to sew with straight lines but get the illusion of curves. In Breezy Seas the combination of half square triangles and Diamond Rects units creates a fun block that you just have to make.

Download Blockbuster #56: Breezy Seas 

Required Companion Products: Diamond Rects®, Tucker Trimmer® I

Blockbuster #57: Beacon

Twisting and turning of units can create completely different looking blocks. In Beacon we show you that if you place a unit in the same location but rotate it you could get something unique.

Download BlockBuster #57: Beacon

Required Companion Products: Corner Beam®, Four Patch Square Up®, Offset Four Patch Technique Sheet

Blockbuster #58: Hunter’s Compass

In this block we added some spice to your Traditional Hunter’s Star blocks by adding a Corner Pop using the Corner Pop® III tool. You can create a fun secondary design when you put a bunch of these blocks together!

Download BlockBuster #58: Hunter's Compass

Required Companion Products: Rapid Fire® Hunter’s Star: Petite Star, Corner Pop® III

Blockbuster #59: Stacked Star

Create a different type of star block with Stacked Star, where you have star points but then a square squared shape jumps out at you as well. There are so many possibilities available with this block.

Download BlockBuster #59: Stacked Star

Required Companion Products: Square Squared®, Four Patch Square Up®, Stacked Squares Technique Sheet, Offset Four Patch Technique Sheet

Blockbuster #60: Fireworks

Give your Corner Pop II tool a real workout in this block by corner popping multiple corners on units and squares as well as using different sizes. You will be really familiar with your Corner Pop® II by the time you are done with this block. In fact, this block was challenging enough that it inspired me to do a walkthrough video in my Tips & Tricks from the Tucker Team Series.

Download BlockBuster #60: Fireworks 

Required Companion Products: Square Squared®, Corner Pop® II, Tucker Trimmer® I

Blockbuster #61: Sweetbrier

Spikes galore! Isn’t it great when a block looks really hard but in fact it is easy to make? By using mirror image Split Rects units you create a fantastic spiked corner unit. By matching the side triangle and center triangle fabric on the V Block units, you get a nice tall center spike.

Download BlockBuster #61: Sweetbrier 

Required Companion Products: Split Rects®, V Block®

Blockbuster #62: Sleight of Hand

 Taking units and matching them up in unexpected ways can create really unique designs like this one. Combining different sizes of units adds to the unusual effect.

Download BlockBluster #62: Sleight of Hand

Required Companion Products: Corner Beam®, Rapid Fire® Lemoyne Star, Square Squared® (or Square Squared® Half Inch), Tucker Trimmer® I

Blockbuster #63: Mixed Up Chevron

This block takes half chevron pieces and rearranges them for a different look. This is a great easy block to practice your Corner Pop® skills.

Download BlockBuster #63: Mixed Up Chevron

Required Companion Products: Corner Pop®

Blockbuster #64: Blue Aura

This fun combination of Diamond Rects units and Flying Geese will give you some different shapes that are interesting to look at. Create different looking blocks depending on your value and color placement.

Download BlockBuster #64: Blue Aura

Required Companion Products: Diamond Rects®, Wing Clipper ® I, and Tucker Trimmer ® I

Blockbuster #65: Twilight Zone

Here's a fun block that creates a terrific row quilt, and how you position the colors and values in your Square Squared and Flying Geese units can create interesting secondary designs. 

Download BlockBuster #65: Twilight Zone 

Required Companion Products: Square Squared®, Wing Clipper®

Blockbuster #66: Sparkling Star

Points Galore! In this fun block you will work with three tools to make lots of spiky units to create an even spikier block. 

Download BlockBuster #66: Sparkling Star 

Required Companion Products: V Block ®, Split Rects®, Corner Beam®