Free Downloads

Welcome to the repository of all the freebies that Studio 180 Design has to offer! Here you'll find a trove of goodies that you can download for your own personal use, from an archive of our Blockbuster series, to home-printer friendly instruction sets for all our tools, to complete patterns to get you started using they tools and technique sheets you already have. Take a gander, I'm sure you'll find something that you will enjoy!

Tool Instruction Sets

Have you ever lost the instructions that came with tools you’ve purchased? It’s enough to make you nuts! Well, look no further for a solution; we have free, downloadable, easily printable instruction sets for all of our tools. Click on the links below to pull up the file for your tool, then you can print them out on 8½” x 11” paper.


Here's the roundup posts from my blog where you can find previous BlockBuster downloads:

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Free Quilt Patterns


Left Handed Technique Sheet Diagram Downloads

Because space is so limited on our Technique Sheets, it can be a challenge to fit both right and left handed diagrams onto them. So we've added free left handed diagram downloads here for all of our left handed quilters, so everyone has access to clear, helpful diagrams for our Technique Sheets.

Assorted Downloads