January 06, 2017

BlockBuster Roundup: Series 1

Wow, 2016 was an exciting year here at Studio 180 Design, and our BlockBusters program was a big part of that! We premiered the series last January, which means we've completed a full year of exciting blocks to add to your quilting repertoire. I know, I can't believe it's been a year already, and you better believe that we're not done yet!

We'll be starting up the 2017 BlockBuster series later this month, and we'll be continuing to explore interesting block creations made using our tools and techniques. The first series worked it's way through most of our line of Fundamental Tools (Tucker Trimmer, Wing Clipper, Square Squared, V Block, Corner Beam, Split Rects and Diamond Rects) as well as their companion Technique Sheets (Shaded Four PatchLittle Houses, Pickets & Quickets, Sidekick & High/Low, and Sliver). Series 2 will continue that trend starting with another Diamond Rects BlockBuster then continuing to tackle the rest of our tools. We'll be going all the way to the Rapid Fire Lemoyne Star, which I am soooo excited for!

Before we get started publishing our new BlockBusters though, we wanted to assemble all of the first series into a single location that would make it easy and convenient for all of you to find and share. Below, you'll find the first 15 BlockBusters files. Please continue to use and share these, and to post your completed blocks on our facebook page. I just love seeing the results of all your hard work! 


Ohio Star Variation

BlockBuster #1: Ohio Star Variation

The Ohio star is one of the most classic quilting blocks, and one that can be easily transformed by playing with the four cornerstone blocks. Instead of the traditionally seen solid squares for the corners, we pieced two half square triangle units with two squares to make a more interesting variation. 

Companion Product: Tucker Trimmer



BlockBuster #2: Crowning Glory

Crowning Glory is another Ohio Star block variation, this time using a shaded four patch unit in the four corners of the block. How great is it that the only tool you need to make this block is the Tucker Trimmer?

Companion Products: Tucker TrimmerShaded Four Patch Technique Sheet



BlockBuster #3: Flying Dutchman

The Flying Dutchman is another classic quilt block that is made so much easier through the use of our tools, in this case, using our Wing Clipper ruler. I think that this one is a particularly good candidate for a scrappy fabric selection - either as the small flying geese triangles (like I did in the third example above) or as the large goose triangle.

Companion Product: Wing Clipper



BlockBuster #4: Capital T

Capital T is the first of our BlockBuster blocks that uses multiple tools; in this case, the Wing Clipper and the Tucker Trimmer. When you start combining units made with multiple tools into a single block, you're almost guaranteed to add a whole new level of visual interest to your quilt projects! 

Companion Products: Wing ClipperTucker Trimmer



BlockBuster #5: Whirligig

Whirligig has got to be one of my favorite block creations in the first blockbuster series. I just love how dynamic it looks, regardless of the fabric choices used in the block. I'd love to see an entire quilt made just using this one block, I think it would look spectacular. 

Companion Products: Wing ClipperPickets & Quickets Technique Sheet



BlockBuster #6: Rolling Stone

Rolling Stone is a neat block in that is gives a very strong circular feel with no curved seams. I always think it's interesting when you can incorporate an optical illusion like that into your quilting projects. 

Companion Product: Square Squared



BlockBuster #7: Whimsy Turndash

Isn't this block just so cute!? With the Square Squared unit in the center, this would be a excellent block choice for showcasing your embroidery or applique work. 

Companion Products: Square SquaredTucker Trimmer



BlockBuster #8: 54 - 40, or Fight

Here's another classic quilting block that we've jazzed up. By flipping the V Block units from their traditional placement and using a solid square for the center, we create a four pointed star block. also, here's your fun history fact for the day: 54 40 or Fight was the slogan of James Polk's presidential campaign in 1844, which he won, becoming the 11th president of the United States. You can read more about the history here

Companion Product: V Block



BlockBuster #9: Three-in-One

Three-in-One is another BlockBuster I count among my favorites because it's just so exciting! By using a variety of units (V-block, combination units, and quarter square triangles) you're able to make three very different looking blocks, simply by changing their orientation. Honestly, it's amazing the different blocks that you can create with this combination of units. 

Companion Products: V BlockTucker Trimmer



BlockBuster #10: Twisted Pinwheel

I mean, who doesn't love a pinwheel block? They're so fun to make, and this is a really interesting iteration using some non-traditional blocks. It's also another excellent example of how you can end up with very different looking blocks depending on your color placement choices. 

Companion Products: V BlockSidekick & High/Low Technique Sheet


BlockBuster #11: Search Light

Search Light is such a simple block to make. If you can put together a four-patch, then you can absolutely make this block. The best part though is awesome you'll look by using this block. All those points and crazy angles are sure to look impressive when you put them all together! 

Companion Product: Corner Beam



BlockBuster #12: Double Trek

Okay, I know I'm starting to sound like a broken record, but Double Trek is another one of my favorite blocks from this series! I swear, trying to pick a favorite is like trying to choose a favorite child. Regardless, this is a really unique block that I think would be a fantastic addition to your next quilt project. 

Companion Products: Corner BeamSliver



BlockBuster #13: She Bear

She Bear is a block that I've had rolling around in my head for ages, probably from about the inception of the Split Rects tool. I just thought that it would be such a fun adaptation of the traditional Bear Claw block, and I'm so glad to finally have had a chance to share it with you all! 

Companion Product: Split Rects



BlockBuster #14: Shuriken

All the sharp points and steep angles in this block made me think of the Shuriken (aka ninja stars) that kids just love to play with. Can you imagine a whole quilt top made up of these blocks? Not only would it look amazing, but I bet it'd be extra thrilling for a ninja fan.

Companion Products: Split RectsTucker Trimmer



BlockBuster #15: Floating Diamonds

And finally, we come to the final BlockBuster in the 2016 series: Floating Diamonds. This is such a pretty block, and it's made just using the Diamond Rects tool along with some squares and rectangles. 

Companion Product: Diamond Rects


Phew, what a list! It really is pretty impressive having them all assembled here together. When they're being released one-by-one, it's easy to lose sight of the progress you're making, even as the creator. And don't worry about me running out of ideas, pulling all these BlockBusters together has me feeling invigorated and inspired for another great year of BlockBuster projects! 

I Hope you'll all continue to enjoy this series with me. 

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