Pattern Corrections

Please let us know if there is a problem with any of our patterns or products. We revise our products when an error is found, but if you have a previous version of one of our products, you might find the following: 


On Page 2, Half Square Triangle (F) both the Light and the Green Squares should be cut at 3" not 3½". On the same page, the White Squares for the Flying Geese,(J) should be cut 3" not 3½". Also, on Page 1, Flying Geese I,J, K should be 2½" x 4½", finished at 2" x 4". 

Autumn Splendor

On page 50 in month 11, Step 1 should reference the diagram on page 51 not page 53. 

Bands of Glory 

Please cut 144 light background squares.
Chain Block Section - Red Print cut 2 strips 10½" x wof 

Border Stars - Green Print cut 3 strips 4 ¼" x wof

Blazing Lemoyne Technique Sheet 

For the 8" size star - the background strip size should read 3¾" 
For the 10" size star - the background strip size should read 4¼" 

Country Fair 

On all layout diagrams the 4 patches are rotated 180 degrees. The light fabric should be closest to the center of the block.   

Deep in the Heart 

Please purchase 3 yards of light print background.
On page 1, Cutting Instructions
Lone Star Center Section
     Navy #1 (inner and outer tips) cut 2 strips 2¼" x wof
     Navy #2 (circular band of diamonds) cut 4 strips 2¼" x wof 
Outer Borders
     Navy #1 cut strips 7½" x 78" rather than 7½" x 92"
     Also cut 4 not 8 Medium blue #1 7½" squares

On page 5  -  Outer Band
The dimension of the short edge is 15", not 13", so Line 1 should read: draw a line ¼" from the edge of the freezer paper and mark two points 15" (not 13”) apart. The bottom edge of the outer band diagram should also read 15", not 13". 

Dove in the Window Bed Runner 

In the Cutting Chart under 6 Dark Fabrics it should read: Cut 6 squares 15”x 15”, sub-cut each square once on the diagonal for a total of 12 half square triangles. (Slightly oversized)


You need to Purchase 2 yards of Background Fabric. 
On Page 2, Cutting Instructions
Square Squared Setting Blocks
Background, Side Triangle – Need to cut 3 strips  3¼”x wof, sub-cut into 28- 3¼” squares, cut diagonally to yield 56 half square triangles. 
Corner Popped Square
Background, Replacement Triangle - Need to cut 6 strips 2 ¾"x wof, sub-cut into 80 squares 2¾"x 2¾", cut once diagonally to yield 160 half square triangles. 

Emerald Isle 

In the Cutting Instructions on page 1 in the Background section for Irish Chain /Corner Chain Wedges- Need to cut 6 strips 3"x wof. 

Fair Isle BOM 

In Month 7 the fills in the Cutting Instructions need to be reversed for Fabric 2 and Fabric 12. Fabric 2 (purple) should correspond to the Darker fill and Fabric 12 (green) should correspond to the medium fill. Refer to the cover image to get the purple and green placed correctly in the row construction.  

Four Patch Frenzy 

In the Queen layout diagram the top left edge need to be rotated 180° so that it looks like the one on the right. 

Fractured Wedge 

In the step 10 diagram the number order for adding the small wedges is backwards. The pressing arrows should show the seams being pressed open to match the wording of step 10 not toward the diamond. You can see the corrected diagram here

Garden Dance 

On the first run of this pattern, one of the three pages for the applique is missing.  Click here to download the page.

Grand Illusion

On page 1, under Cutting Instructions for the Dimond Square Units (A) you need to cut 3 strips not 4 for the Center Squares on the Queen Size.
On page 6 step 18, it says "Position and center a 6¼" inch ACCENT replacement triangle…”  It should be MEDIUM instead.

Hunter's Star Hidden Treasures

On page 91, for the "Honor Guard" quilt project, you'll need to make 24 Light Background Blocks and  24 Dark Background Blocks. 

Hunter's Star Royal Treasures

Appendix 1: Piecers and Appendix 2: Quilters are one page number off in our first printing. Please see the link above for the corrected pages.  

Autumn's Splendor Pg. 42, you will need to make 36 Dark Blocks and 36 Light Blocks.  

Jubilation - BOM 

On page 1 the Finished Size should be 100"x 100" finished like on the back cover. 

On page 1 in the General Information the Tool number should be DT03 not DT05 for the Tucker Trimmer I. 

In month 2 on page 11, the half square triangle coloring in Step 10 diagram is correct. In Step 11 and 18 diagrams the green in the half square triangle should be pointing toward the center. 

Lemoyne Trails 

On the back cover and in the interior, Background yardage should be 1¾ yards. 

On page 1, under Cutting Instructions should read: 
Background Hidden Border Squares - Cut 18 squares 3½".
Accent Round 4 Snails Trail - Cut the squares 4¼". 

Lucky Lemoynes

On page 1, under Unit Summary, the Shaded Four Patch size should read 3½" finished (4" cut) size.
On page 1, under Cutting Instructions, Shaded Four Patch size should read 3½" finished (4" cut) size. 


In the Cutting Instructions section, the quilt size should be listed as "Queen Size", instead of "Lap Size (Full Size)"
On page 2, under Cutting Instructions for the Outer Border should read as follows:
2 Strips 6½”x 85½”

2 Strips 6½”x 70½”

New Year's Star 

In the cutting chart for Light Value Background Fabric for the medium size project, for Unit C - Framed Squares, you'll need to cut 9 strips 1½” x WoF

North Star 

On the back cover, at the end of the fabric requirements the last item should be Backing Fabric - 3⅜ yards not Border Fabric - 3⅜ yards.

Northern Neighbours

On the King size layout, the block images were inadvertently reversed, so please refer to the Twin layout when you are creating your sashing pieces. You can find the corrected layout here.


Please purchase 1 yard of light fabric. 


Finished Quilt size is 62 x 74 ( the size on the cover is incorrect)

2¼ yards background fabric is listed on the back of the pattern is correct, on the first page 4 yards is listed – this is incorrect. NOTE: Border #1 is listed separately but in the photo it is the same as the background, plan accordingly.

Borders in picture on page 5 – number 1 and 2 are switched, and Border 4 is labelled Border 3

On page 1 Cut border 4 – 4½” -Border directions ( page 5) states 4¾ - also need 8 WOF strips

On page 1 under Accent fabric (dark) you only need to cut 2 strips maybe 3 strips depending on the length of your fabric.  


Pyramid Power 

In older versions of the patterns the Step 20 graphic showing the positioning and pressing is a mirror image of what it should be. Click here to see what the diagram should look like.  



In the Cutting Instructions under the Accent  fabric for Center Squares and Unit H you need to cut 2 strips 3½”x wof and sub-cut into 13 squares 3½”x 3½”.

River Hunter's Star

On the back cover for Dark 1, you need to purchase 2⅛ yards of fabric to have enough for both the outer border and binding. The 1½ yards is not enough for the binding. 

In the Cutting Instructions the following changes need to be made:

    • Light fabric for Trapezoids you need to cut 8 strips instead of 6.
    • Focus fabric for Trapezoids you only need to cut 9 strips not 10. 
    • Medium fabric for Trapezoids you need to cut 3 strips instead of 2.
    • Dark 1 cut 2¼" strips by preferred method and piece to make 300" of binding. 

Sea Glass

On Page 1 in the Cutting Instructions, under Setting Triangles, Corner Triangles cut 2 squares 5½" not 10". 

Smooth Jazz 

On Page 2 in the Cutting Instructions, under Middle Border for the Twin and Queen size, piece and trim to make 2 strips 2"x 86" not 2"x 89". 

Smooth Sailing

On page 1 under Assorted Light fabrics, where it says 14 (32) 2¼" squares, it should read 28 (64) 2¼" squares, and they should not be cut in half diagonally. Under Accent Color, the 4 (4) squares should be cut 3½", not 3¼". On page 5 under Side Units, it should say 28 (64) - 2¼" squares light, rather than 28 (32). In addition, if you are making the Queen size quilt, cut your 10 border strips 5½" rather than 4". 

Snow Crystal 

In Step 24 in the third sentence, the numbers in parentheses for the Horizontal Guideline alignment should read (2¼”, 3¼”, 4¼”). The 4 in the printed pattern should be 4¼”.

On the back cover under Fabric Requirements the Backing as left off. You will need the following for your project size: Small 1⅛ yards, Medium 3 yards, and Large 4 yards.  


Please purchase ¾ yard of Color 2 for the lap project. 


Cut your inner borders at 1¼". 

Spinning Pinwheels  

On Page 4 in the chart at the bottom for the Large Queen it says you need 36 Light blocks and 35 Dark blocks you actually need 30 Light blocks and 30 dark blocks. 

On page 5 in the chart at the bottom of the page for the Large Queen setting triangles it says that you need 7 large squares, 26 triangles, you only 6 large squares and 24 triangles. 

Sugar and Spice  

In the cutting chart for the Lemoyne Star Blocks 6" finished you need to cut a total of 18 Background strips 3¼"x 40" and 36 Diamond Strips 2"x 20". 

Summer Solstice 

In the block diagram on page 7, the 4 flying geese around the center square need the point on the same side as the point of the adjoining V Block unit. Point to point, rather than having the point of the geese touching the square. Check the photo on the pattern cover if necessary for clarification. 

In the final quilt layout diagram, in the vertically aligned geese border sections, the top right and lower left geese need to be flipped 180 degrees. 

Technique Sheet for Sidekick & High/Low

For Sidekick Left should read - Position face up for Cutting 

Technique Sheet for Triangle Pizazz 

In the Cutting Chart for the 11" Finished Unit Size the Background rectangle should be cut 6¼”x 13” not 6¼”x 11".

Tucker Trimmer III 

There was a change made to the Starting Squares for Half Square Triangle Unit row on the PDF download

Whirling Lemoynes

For baby size only - Purchase 3 ½ yards of background fabric. When cutting the background strips for the Lemoyne stars, cut your 20 strips full width of fabric, then cut down to 26”. When cutting your diamond strips, also cut them full width of fabric, then cut down to 26”. 

Wish Upon

For those of you making the large project, you will need to make 28 rather than 27 red and background split rects units. In addition, you will need to make more "focus fabric and coordinated fabric half square triangle pieced squares" than it tells you on page 1. If you are making the scrappy version, make 160 rather than 124. If you are making the coordinated version, make 28 red, 28 green, 24 purple, 24 orange, 28 blue, and 28 yellow. On page 2 in the cutting table, for the 3" x 3" squares in the coordinated version you will need to cut: 25 red, 25 green, 22 purple, 22 orange, 25 blue, and 25 yellow. For the 3" x 3" focus squares in the coordinated or scrappy version you will need to cut 7 strips into 80 squares.