July 13, 2017

BlockBuster Series 2: Mid-Season Roundup

Holy smokes, how is 2017 more halfway over already!? It is just me, or has this year has absolutely flown by for the rest of you all too? Maybe it has something to do with how busy I've been? 🤔 

And this means that we've already completed six months of our second year of BlockBusters! I can't tell you how much fun it's been both producing these great single block designs (since they're soooo much less work than producing a pattern), as well as seeing all the awesome iterations of the blocks that you've all been making with them. It never fails to amaze me how different all the same blocks can end up looking based on which fabrics are used. 


BlockBuster #16: Peaks & Valleys

Peaks and Valleys uses a combination of my Diamond Rects tool, V Block tool, and the Sidekick/High-Low Technique Sheet. You'll also have three different units and a partial seam, so while this block may stretch your quilting skills, it’s so worth it! That’s what we try to do with Blockbuster - teach you the tools, give you ideas, and see how far you can go!!

Companion Products: Diamond Rects, Sidekick & High/Low Technique Sheet


BlockBuster #17: Salem Star

This is our first BlockBuster made using our Corner Pop tool, and boy, isn't it beautiful? There are pops of color all over the place in this block. With all the corners changing color this is a great block to help you become familiar with your Corner Pop tool.

Companion Product: Corner Pop


BlockBuster #18: A Popped V

This block, which we've decided to call a Popped V, is a great combination of the Corner Pop and V Block tools, and it gives a charming face lift to an old favorite. The secondary design that comes through is so fun that you might want to make a whole quilt with just this block (I know I'm contemplating doing just that). Coming back to revisit the V Block tool and technique that we introduced last year allows you to get some more experience creating those units, and adding those pops of color, well, how cool is that?

Companion Products: V Block, Corner Pop


BlockBuster #19: Exploding Lemoynes

Oh boy, it's finally time . . . we've made it to our first BlockBuster that uses the Rapid Fire Lemoyne Star! This one is a bit of a chameleon, it's not quite what it seems at first glance. It's especially intriguing when you go the extra step and combine four of the blocks together. Feel free to use the line diagram included in the BlockBuster document to do a little color experimentation before you go to piece your blocks together

Companion Product: Rapid Fire Lemoyne Star


BlockBuster #20: Stellar Collision

Our Stellar Collision block is a fun combination of three of my tools; the Rapid Fire Lemoyne Star, Tucker Trimmer 1, and Square Squared tools. This tool combination leads us to an unexpected design, since we don't often think of using our Lemoyne Star quarters with other units. By pairing those with any of the three Tucker Trimmer units, you get some really unique layouts!

Companion Products: Rapid Fire Lemoyne Star, Tucker Trimmer 1, Square Squared


BlockBuster #21: Around the Block

This BlockBuster is another great combination of units that, depending on how you position your colors and orient the units in your block, you can get some incredibly different looking blocks. Seriously, the variety of designs you can create is amazing - these three are mere sampling of the options you can make. Make sure you pick up your own copy of the new Non Mirror Combo Units Technique Sheet and get started on this BlockBuster today!

Companion Products: Wing Clipper 1, Tucker Trimmer 1Non Mirror Combo Units Tech Sheet

And that's that! It's been a great first half for this series, and I'm fully anticipating you'll be just as excited with what we've got planned for the rest of the year. If you are new to the series, I'd also like to recommend you check out the full first series of BlockBusters here: Season One Roundup post

Now get out there and get quilting!

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