June 01, 2018

BlockBuster Series 3: Mid-Season Roundup

Okay, what the heck 2018, where have you gone!?! I swear, the time has just flown by this year.  It certainly couldn't have anything to do with how busy we've been . . .

Anyway! As it's now June, it's time for us to do our semi-annual roundup of our BlockBuster series. It's been an exciting year so far, and I hope that you've been keeping up with the series as they get posted on my Facebook page. If you haven't, well, we'll get you caught up right here, right now 💖


BlockBuster 26 - Cactus Blossom

BlockBuster #26: Cactus Blossom

Cactus Blossom, is another of the three-in-one variety (much like Blockbuster #9, waaaay back in the early days of the series). You'll be using the Wing Clipper, Corner Beam, and Corner Pop to create each of these three blocks, using exactly the same pieces for all three!

Companion Products: Wing Clipper, Corner Beam, Corner Pop


BlockBuster 27 - Roll the Dice

BlockBuster #27: Roll the Dice

Roll the Dice is made using a combination of Split Rects and Square Squared units, so while you'll only have two simple units for this block, the challenge comes with the partial seam when you go to put the block together. Last time we had one of these was back in BlockBuster #14 - Shuriken. Hopefully you'll all remember how to make it work (but don't worry, I've got directions included here too).

Companion Products: Split Rects, Square Squared


BlockBuster 28 - Wind Blown Square

BlockBuster #28: Windblown Square

Windblown Square is an awesome block, made using the Wing Clipper, Tucker Trimmer, and Square Squared tools. Just like BlockBuster #27, this block uses partial seams in it's construction. 

Companion Products: Wing Clipper, Tucker Trimmer, Square Squared


BlockBuster 29 - Poinsettia

BlockBuster #29: Poinsettia

BlockBuster #29 is a block inspired by the botanical beauty of the Poinsettia. It's a block that definitely veers into the non-traditional, and it's made using the Rapid Fire Lemoyne Star and the Split Rects tools. We also went the extra mile when we  made our samples and used both the Fussy Cut Lemoynes (for block 1 & 3) and Strip Pieced Lemoynes (for block 2) tech sheets.

Companion Products: Split Rects, Rapid Fire Lemoyne Star


BlockBuster 30 - Parquet

BlockBuster #30: Parquet

At last we come to our final BlockBuster for the roundup, Parquet, which was inspired by the geometric elegance of parquet floors. This one is relatively easy in it's construction as far as the unit components are concerned; you make four Shaded Nine Patch blocks and then pop their corners using the Corner Pop tool. 

Companion Products: Shaded Nine Patch, Tucker Trimmer, Corner Pop 

And that's that! We've been trying to mix up the difficulties of the BlockBusters this year, so some of these are easier than others, but I can guarantee that every single one is a beautiful block in it's own right.

I hope you've had some fun with these so far, and continue to do so for the second half of this year. And if you want to make sure that your collection of BlockBusters is complete, you can see out previous BlockBuster roundup posts here, here, and here

Now get out there and get quilting!

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