December 31, 2017

BlockBuster Series 2: The Conclusion!

Wow, 2017 ended up being quite the year, didn't it? This year Studio 180 Design certified an additional seventeen instructors, vended at over a dozen quilt shows, and finally decided to partner with a distributor for our wholesale business. Plus we added a whopping total of five technique sheets, nine patterns, and a new tool to our lineup of products. There's never a dull moment around here, that's for sure!

Of course there's one other thing that we've continued to work on this year, and that's the continuation of our BlockBuster program! It has been so much fun to spend some time with my tools with the intent to simply "play" with them and design a single interesting block, versus all the thinking and planning that goes into designing an entire quilt. 


 BlockBuster 22: Square Dance

BlockBuster #22: Square Dance

Do-si-do, promenade right! A combination of Square Squared and Flying Geese units give you squares dancing around squares. By making Flying Geese that are opposite of each other (one set made with a colored large square, and the other set made with a background large square) you create the chevrons that make up the on point square in the block. To finish the large square one of the side triangles of your Square Squared unit needs to be the same color as the chevron the flying geese make.

Companion Products: Square SquaredWing Clipper


BlockBuster 23: Horizon Line 

BlockBuster #23: Horizon Line

This block is another great combination of the Corner Pop® and V Block® tools. Last time that you worked with the Corner Pop® you used two different sizes. This time you are still working with two different size corner pops, yet some of the corners are getting a double pop of color making it look like you have added a band of color to two corners of the V block units.

Companion Products: V Block, Corner Pop


BlockBuster 24: Compounding Four

BlockBuster #24: Compounding Four

This block was created when playing with the new Four Patch Square Up tool. It is made up of two different size four patches, which gives the effect of the interlocking squares. This gives you the opportunity to sink your teeth into the new Four Patch Square Up tool by making multiple size four patches.

Companion Product: Four Patch Square Up


BlockBuster 25: Winged Four Patch

BlockBuster #25: Winged Four Patch

Back to basics, in this block you will find an interesting combination of color and units. It gives you the optical illusion of being put together in a different manner than with four patches and flying geese. There are a few interesting things done with color in this block and you will want to audition a few ideas before you jump in and sew.

Companion Products: Four Patch Square UpWing Clipper


And with that, we bring Season 2 of our BlockBuster Series to a close! We really pushed the boundaries with year two, and let me tell you, we've got some even more exciting blocks planned for 2018! I can't wait for you to join me for Season 3 😁

You can check out the first half of the Season Two BlockBusters here.

You can check out the complete Season One BlockBuster post here

Now get out there and get quilting!

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