December 29, 2023


It’s hard to believe that we have come to the end of another season of BlockBusters! Season 8 is full of beautiful blocks that are sure to fuel your creativity. There’s something for everyone this season, whether you’re just starting out with the tools or have been using them for years. We’ve gathered all of the blocks in one post to make it easier to find what you’re looking for.

For those of you who aren't familiar with our BlockBuster series, they are downloadable documents with instructions for creating blocks that can be made in a range of sizes using your Studio 180 Design tools. The blocks are shown with multiple fabric styles, so you can see that the same block works in many different fabrics. We also change up the placement of colors and values in the block to demonstrate how that alters the look of the block design. With the different blocks you can make a sampler quilt or just add them to your block library. They are here for you to enjoy! 

Let’s take a look at the Season 8 BlockBusters.


BlockBuster #77: Radiant

Learn a new trick with your Rapid Fire Lemoyne Star® tool. Combine these units with the Four Patch Square Up® and V Block® tools to make this radiating block. Color placement makes Radiant shine!

Required Companion Products: Rapid Fire Lemoyne Star®, V Block®, Tucker Trimmer® I, Four Patch Square Up®  


BlockBuster #78: Fly a Kite

Using just the Tucker Trimmer® and Split Rects® tools you can make this fun kite block. Combine may small blocks to make a quilt or make one large block to use as a wall hanging or table topper. The possibilities soar!

Required Companion Products: Split Rects®, Tucker Trimmer® I


BlockBuster #79: Gemstone

This multifaceted block looks complex but is made with just three units. Clever color and unit placement make this block appear round like a gem. Gemstone would be stunning as a whole quilt!

Required Companion Products: Diamond Rects®, Tucker Trimmer® I


BlockBuster #80: Jester’s Delight

Using just two simple units you can make this fun chain block! Jester’s Delight uses the V Block® tool for the sharp points and the Four Patch Square Up® tool for the chains. Make this block by itself or make many of them and play with color to come up with a truly unique quilt.

Required Companion Products: V Block®, Four Patch Square Up®


BlockBuster #81: Daylily

This beautiful floral Daylily block is easily achieved using the Tucker Trimmer® and Corner Beam® tools. The half square triangles can be made individually or made using the Eight at Once technique sheet. Daylily would be lovely as a scrappy quilt.

Required Companion Products: Corner Beam®, Tucker Trimmer® I  


BlockBuster #82: Junction

Want a unique way to use your Corner Pop® tool? Combine it with flying geese and half square triangles for this puzzle like block. How you use your fabrics will determine if you have a modern or traditional block. The possibilities abound!

Required Companion Products: Corner Pop®, Tucker Trimmer® I or II, Wing Clipper® I



BlockBuster #83: Daggers Delight

Sharp points and unusual angles make Daggers Delight a dangerous looking block. But you’ll soon find out how easy it is to construct using the Split Rects® and Corner Beam® tools. You’ll be delighted to find how effortless this block is!

Required Companion Products: Split Rects®, Corner Beam®, Split Rects Bonus Units Technique Sheet



 BlockBuster #84: Leapfrog

Leapfrog is for the adventurous and super tool enthusiasts out there! Comprised of multiple units, this block would be gorgeous as part of a larger quilt or stunning on its own as a wall hanging or table topper. Even if you are new to the tools, don’t be afraid to experiment with this happy block.

Required Companion Products: Square Squared®, V Block®, Corner Pop®, Rapid Fire Lemoyne Star®, Sidekick & High/Low Technique Sheet


 BlockBuster #85: Honed Points

Expand the use of your Tucker Trimmer® and Split Rects® tools with Honed Points. The Shaded Four Patch and Split Rects Bonus Units technique sheets the perfect way to learn new units. Playing with color can give this block a stunning spinning star effect.

Required Companion Products: Split Rects®, Tucker Trimmer® I, Split Rects Bonus Units Technique Sheet, Shaded Four Patch Technique Sheet


 BlockBuster #86: What’s Your Angle

If you’ve never played with the Corner Pop® III tool before, What’s Your Angle is the perfect opportunity. Angles that are normally achieved with paper piecing are easy to make with this tool. Combining the tool with half square triangle units makes beautiful diamonds and a sharp center star. Stunning!

Required Companion Products: Corner Pop® III, Tucker Trimmer® I

We hope you've enjoyed BlockBusters Season 8! Twelve months, ten brand new blocks to help you improve your skills. Season 9 will be underway on our Facebook page in January. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram and subscribe to our newsletter to make sure you never miss a release!

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