January 14, 2019

BlockBuster Season 3: The Conclusion!

Who's ready for the roundup post for the second half of my 2018 BlockBuster series?! I tried my best to get this roundup pulled together and posted before we said goodbye to 2018, but I just didn't manage to get it together before the big ball dropped. Oh well, I suppose it's better late than never, right? So, without further ado, let's get on to our BlockBuster review!


BlockBuster #31: Deft Mill

Maybe someday I'll make the trip to see the windmills in Holland, but for now, I'll just have to enjoy the spinning windmill-inspired blocks I've made here! 

Companion Products: Wing ClipperPickets & Quickets Tech Sheet, Birds of Paradise Tech Sheet



BlockBuster #32: Vanishing Point

This is such a simple block, but so unique at the same time! If I recall correctly, I was driving across the flatlands of the US when the design for this block hit me. I was inspired by the long straight roads and telephone lines fading off into the distance ahead.

Companion Products: Split Rects, Tucker Trimmer 


BlockBuster #33: Take A Gander

I had a whole lot of fun designing and piecing these blocks! I'm a sucker for designs that allow you the flexibility to easily make different choices/changes, so you can have a product that is uniquely yours when you're done.

Companion Products: Wing Clipper, Tucker Trimmer, and Geese on the Edge Technique Sheet


BlockBuster #34: Evening Shadow

Can you tell that I'm all about playing with my various technique sheets for this season of BlockBusters? I just love how dynamic your block designs can become when you move beyond using the basics!

Companion Products: Large Square Squared, Tucker Trimmer, Stacked Squares, Shaded Four Patch, and Birds of Paradise Technique Sheets


BlockBuster #35: Hidden Blooms

Hidden Blooms is one of our classic 3-in-1 Blockbusters, and the perfect capstone to wrap up our BlockBuster releases for 2018!

Companion Products: Tucker Trimmer, Corner BeamShaded Four Patch, and Sliver


BlockBuster: Evening Elegance Settings (1 & 2)

Now for those of you who are counting, you'll notice that it's been six months since the last roundup post, and I only seem to have five BlockBusters listed here. No, I didn't take a month off (although that sounds like a good idea), instead I ran the Evening Elegance Blog HopSeveral of my extremely talented Certified Instructors and I used nine of our favorite BlockBuster block releases from the past 3 years to create the Evening Elegance layout in two different variations. 

Check out the Evening Elegance blog posts for all the info (tools, technique sheets, and yardage) to make your own version of this beautiful quilt project: Evening Elegance Blog Hop


And with that, we bring Season 3 of our BlockBuster Series to a close! Three years, 35 blocks and the first quilt layout, and I've still got more ideas and blocks to share with you all. Season 4 will kick off at the end of January on my Facebook page. Make sure you follow me there to make sure you never miss a release!

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Now get out there and get quilting!