February 07, 2023

BlockBuster Season 7: The Complete Collection

Can you believe we've been doing the BlockBuster series for seven years? 

2022 was a great year for our BlockBusters. We’ve got a little bit of everything for you, from simple one tool blocks to more complex blocks that use multiple tools and technique sheets. We’ve gathered up all of the blocks here in one post to make it easier to find what you’re looking for.

For those of you who aren't familiar with our BlockBuster series, they are downloadable documents with instructions for creating blocks that can be made in a range of sizes using your Studio 180 Design tools. The blocks are shown with multiple fabric styles, so you can see that the same block works in many different fabrics. We also change up the placement of colors and values in the block to demonstrate how that alters the look of the block design. With the different blocks you can make a sampler quilt or just add them to your block library. They are here for you to enjoy! 

Now, with our introductions out of the way, onto the blocks! 



This fun one tool block looks complex but is easy to make with just half square triangles and combination units. Fabric placement makes the hearts stand out and by putting multiple blocks together you could have a quilt in no time!

Download BlockBuster #67: Cupid's Choice

Required Companion Products: Tucker Trimmer® I



A good way to practice using multiple tools and matching your points, Majestic gives stunning results with just a few fundamental units.

Download BlockBuster #68: Majestic

Required Companion Products: Wing Clipper® I, V Block®, Square Squared®



Corner Beam provides this block with a center focal point. Using just two units, this block is a great way to polish your skills on units you may not use as often and maybe provide you with some inspiration to use your Split Rects tool!

Download BlockBuster #69: Tiffany

Required Companion Products: Split Rects®, Corner Beam®, Split Rects Bonus Units Technique Sheet



Lemoyne Stars are beautiful when assembled in the traditional manner, but did you know with our Rapid Fire® Lemoyne Star tool you can also use the quadrants of this block in unique ways? Use the Tucker Trimmer I to trim down the unit and combine it with the Offset Four Patch technique to make the beautifully different Fairy Lights block.

Download BlockBuster #70: Fairy Lights

Required Companion Products: Tucker Trimmer® I, Rapid Fire® Lemoyne Star, Four Patch Square Up®, Offset Four Patch Technique Sheet



This block is all about color placement. Using the Eight at Once and Shaded Four Patch Technique Sheets, Illusion goes together quickly with just two tools.

Download BlockBuster #71: Illusion

Required Companion Products: Tucker Trimmer® I, Square Squared®, Eight at Once Technique Sheet, Shaded Four Patch Technique Sheet



Reminiscent of a backgammon board, this block uses just the Split Rects tool to make bear paw blocks. You will also use Split Rects Bonus Units to make the center of this Game Board block.

Download BlockBuster #72: Game Board

Required Companion Products: Split Rects®, Split Rects Bonus Units Technique Sheet



You’ll be really familiar with the Corner Pop tool by the time you’re done with this block! Twisted Points is a great way to practice using the tool and learning some of the ways it can be used to make unique units.

Download BlockBuster #73: Twisted Points

Required Companion Products: Corner Pop®



Another block that uses just one tool, Leaves will make you a pro at half square triangles with your Tucker Trimmer I. It also uses the Eight at Once Technique Sheet and a unique way to trim down the stem blocks with the Tucker Trimmer.

Download BlockBuster #74: Leaves

Required Companion Products: Tucker Trimmer® I, Eight at Once Technique Sheet



Practice using your Tucker Trimmer III and one of the newer Technique Sheets, Curved Log Cabin. Geese in the Cabin combines this technique with Flying Geese. You’ll get lots of experience using two of our most fundamental tools.

Download BlockBuster #75: Geese in the Cabin

Required Companion Products: Tucker Trimmer® III, Wing Clipper®, Curved Log Cabin Technique Sheet



This block looks like New Year’s Eve fireworks, hence the name Celebration. Using two tools and two Technique Sheets, this block comes together quickly and packs a punch!

Download BlockBuster #76: Celebration

Required Companion Products: Corner Beam®, Square Squared®, Stacked Squares Technique Sheet, Sliver Technique Sheet


We hope you've enjoyed BlockBusters Season 7! Twelve months, ten brand new blocks to help you improve your skills. Season 8 is underway on our Facebook page. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram and subscribe to our newsletter to make sure you never miss a release!