February 07, 2020

What a great week of posts it's been, seeing the amazing projects made with Tammy’s Kismet fabric line!

I had the pleasure of meeting Tammy through Studio 180 Design. I was in Studio 180’s inaugural Certified Instructor class back in 2013, then started working for them in 2015. Tammy was in the 2018 Certified Instructor class and WOW! We were all impressed with her skills as a quilter, and also in fabric and pattern design! This past spring Tammy asked me to design a quilt for her Kismet fabric line and I was thrilled to say yes.

One of my favorite parts of my job is designing patterns. I also love working with Island Batik fabrics and Kismet was a fun line to work with – there are many interesting prints and the bright colors almost sparkle. I knew I could come up with a design I liked, but where to begin . . .

So many colors, so little time!

At the time Tammy asked me to work with Kismet, Studio 180 had just released the Wedge Star tool. My first instinct was to create a project for the fabric using that, so that’s just what I did! The quilt that I designed I named Full Spectrum. I wrote the pattern for 20 fabrics so you could use the entire Kismet line. It uses fat quarters, and the pattern outlines the most efficient cutting of those fat quarters. And when you factor in the pieced border and binding, you will end up using almost all the fabric. Who doesn’t just LOVE that?!

Oh yes, look at that efficiency 🤩

I also developed two new techniques for the Wedge Star tool when I was designing the Full Spectrum pattern. You will use your Wedge Star tool and small wedges to create Simple Faceted Wedges and Complex Faceted Wedges, which you’ll stitch together into your wedge blocks. 

With only 5 blocks in the quilt this project will come together quicker than you would imagine it could. The blocks are set on point which adds a look of complexity to any quilt, yet it doesn’t make the quilt any more difficult to piece.

Full Spectrum in it's full glory!

I hope that you decide to pick up a copy of my Full Spectrum Pattern (and a Wedge Star tool, if you don’t already have it) and give the Faceted Wedge technique a try!

Also, don't miss out on any of these other awesome participants in the Kismet Blog Hop: 

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