February 04, 2019

nountuffet; plural noun: tuffets
  1. a tuft or clump of something.
    "grass tuffets"
  2. a footstool or low seat.


For a while now, I’ve wanted to make myself a Tuffet. I thought they were charming, and I had a sneaking suspicion that I wouldn’t be the only one in my household to enjoy it. As you all know though, I’m a rebel who likes to put my own spin on things, so I knew that the basic Tuffet options just wouldn’t fit the bill. I kept wondering to myself what a Tuffet might look like if it was made using pieced units made from my tools, and how I should go about making my idea a reality. So, for Fall Quilt Market 2018, I partnered with Sharyn from The Tuffet Source to build this amazing geese-filled Tuffet!

As evidenced by this tuffet, basic is the one thing we're not here at Studio 180

We started the process by constructing the Flying Geese units using both the Wing Clipper I and Wing Clipper II tools. By utilizing the full selection of geese sizes from both the tools (in whole inch, ¼", ½", and ¾" increments), the flying geese units progressed smoothly from one size to the next. Once the geese were pieced and trimmed, Sharyn took the units and pieced them into this amazing Tuffet using her fabric foundation and vast tuffet building experience.

Oh yes, look at that flawless transition!

From the line of Twilight Chic fabrics, we selected five blues, five purples, and five golds to be used for the units. Choosing to go with a scrappier design gave us an opportunity to showcase a majority of the fabrics from the line. For those of you who don't know, Twilight Chic is my first signature collection from Island Batik. The collection was designed by Kathy Engle specifically for me and Studio 180 Design. 

If you are thinking you might like to build a Tuffet that looks just like ours, this is your opportunity! We've listed the yardage and outlined the basic construction steps for the Flying Geese units, and Sharyn has shared her construction steps and hints as well. Once you've downloaded the pattern file, all you have to do is find the fabric and the time to make it happen. We hope you enjoy the process and that you share/tag us in photos of your results.

Click on the image above to download the Geese Galore pattern

And just so you know . . . we've heard through the grapevine that of all the Tuffets, this particular one is "Mr Tuffet's" favorite. Plus, I know for a fact that it gets Blaze and Ginger's seal of approval!

Can you tell these girls think this tuffet is the  . . . cat's meow? 😂



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