April 03, 2023

Hi, Quilters!

Sue Tucker here, CFO of Studio 180 Design. You don’t hear from me often, but today I’m here with a special project, just for you! I hope you’re totally inspired from a week of seeing quilts in our beautiful Exuberance fabric line with Island Batik. I know I am, and we are all thrilled with the creativity our designers have shown with their fabulous quilt creations. Today, with this P.S., we are offering you a different kind of project.

Cats and quilters just go together. They get in our way, redesign our quilts, knock things off our work tables, and demand our attention when we want to concentrate on our quilting. Adorable little monsters! So I’ve created this quick and useful item for those loveable balls of fluff. It's not quite finished in the photo below but you can tell he is already intrigued. 

 What is this mom?

I don’t know about you, but my cats have a number of different cat caves – some are modified baskets, some are felted wool, some are little cubbyholes between the furniture that I pad to make them more appealing, and some they have made for themselves from squished down couch cushions.
Nino in the couch cushions.

Nino in the basket. 

Naz in the ottoman. 

You can't find me!

Nino in the felted cave.

 Given how much they love their cuddly spaces, I thought it might be fun to try to make one myself. I knew what I wanted, but looked all over the internet and couldn’t find a pattern that was quite what I was looking for. So, I thought, I know what I want so why don’t I just figure it out! So here is the end result, and it’s even fat quarter friendly with simple construction. There are a couple of tricky bits, but not to fear, the download includes things to expect and my suggestions for how to address them. Here it is just for you, in Exuberance, the download for Nino’s Favorite Cat Cavehttps://bit.ly/NinosCatCave

This is purrrrrfect!

You can't see me!

But wait that's mine! I want to be in there Mom!

We really hope your feline friends enjoy their new caves, and are looking forward to seeing your versions on FB and Instagram. We don’t want to miss a single one, so please use the hashtag: #S180NinosFavoriteCatCave

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