August 28, 2019

All Aboard for the Whistle Stop Tour to Union Station!

BlockBusters, the gift that keeps on giving! We have created another great quilt for you this year: Union Station. From September 9 through 16, 2019, ten of my Certified Instructors will show you how to make the blocks in the quilt using my Signature Collection, Steam Engine by Kathy Engle for Island Batik. The BlockBuster blocks look amazing in the moody blues, grays and purples in this fabric collection.

You will receive some great tips and tricks for piecing the blocks as you check out each of the blog posts. If you would like to make Union Station using Steam Engine you can look for it at your local quilt shop or order it from these shops that I know they will have the fabric in stock very soon. 

    Each day of the hop, you will tour a different Certified Instructor's blog to download the cutting instructions for each block. The download will give you fabric placement and a block layout diagram for a 12” block and a 6” block. Instructions for making the pieced border will come in the middle of the tour. On Monday, September 16th you will receive the finishing instructions for the quilt. 

    There are 10 tools and 7 technique sheets that are needed to make the quilt using the blocks we picked. If you don’t have all these tools you can pick different blocks that use the tools you own. With 41 possibilities in our BlockBusters program, you can substitute blocks to fit your needs. For those of you who have been following along with our BlockBusters, you more than likely have all the tools and Technique Sheets that you need by now.
     Tools Needed:
    Technique Sheets needed:
       Download the Fabric requirements here for the quilt.

      Join us for a week filled with great blocks and amazing tips. You will find in the end that you have an amazing project ready to be enjoyed for years. Be sure to visit each participant on their day so that you can download the handout and read their helpful hints for the construction of their block or blocks.
      Monday September 9th
      Tuesday September 10th
      Wednesday September 11th
      Thursday, September 12th
      Friday, September 13th
      Saturday, September 14th
      Sunday, September 15th
        Monday, September 16th